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Chief Operating Officer, Princess Karen Chatman

"It only takes one person to make a difference in the life of a single person, a community, or the world."

The United Global Research Center is dedicated to joining those who share the quest for CHANGE.

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The United Global Research Center

In honor of Enslaved Prince Abdul-Rahman ibn Ibrahima Sori (عبد الرحمن ابن ابراهيم سوري

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"A STAR shines brighter, when it is noticed" Karen Chatman


The United Global Research Center has launched its' Bright Star-Agnes Thompson “My Story” Scholarship. The Bright Star Scholarship across fourteen cities throughout the United States of America.  

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior at the end of each school year.  To be awarded the Bright Star-Agnes Thompson scholarship “My Story,” the student must first be nominated by one of their teachers or a student that attends the school.

The nominated student must write an or submit a video on a subject that is announced once the scholarship nominations have been confirmed, have an exemplary record of good conduct, and has led by example through volunteering within their community.


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Connecting the World

The United Global Research Center, is a catalyst, offering a forum that opens the gateway of support to the people who need help across the Globe. Our vision is shared by our corporate partners and individuals like you, that want to make a difference.  United Global Research Center CEO and staff, truly believes that if each person is genetically connected and share ancestry traits, there is a sense of belonging would manifest an organic action to care for others. That is why we at United Global Research Center, encourages the testing of Deoxyribonucleic (DNA), Ancestry and Genetic traits, and lineage research as it confirms that we are all connected, all 7 billion people on the planet. 

Join us as we take on the greatest challenge of all, the uniting of the World.

Ancestry Research and Testing

Through various types of genetic testing, many people have been connected to their family members all over the world. There have been stories shared, of finding a genetic match that saved lives through such testing. The intent of the United Global Research Center is to unite the world and provide resources to people that cannot afford, education, clean water, food, or medical treatments. We ask that people join us as we fight to make a way for the seemly impossible through offering your service of charity through volunteering, as we are all connected.

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One Life, One World

One person hardship might not seem significant to you, but in the larger scheme of things. At some point in time it will.


We all share this world and we all share the same human DNA. It does not matter if you are living in Guinea, Egypt, Kenya, China, the United States or in a village not even on the map.  What happens to our world affects us all.  Through research into ancestry and genetic we are more related that we think.  This type of research is leading to various cures of many diseases. Please join us in the fight to make the world truly united. Volunteer Today!

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Princess Karen Chatman, "we take pride in every single brand that we work with. From large-scale companies to small and medium size business, we work with a wide range of clients and launch them on the path to success. We enjoy working with each client and we want to show off our work. Check out our portfolio."

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Volunteers are Change Makers!

In 2022, 200 of our "Change Makers" Co-Sponsored "The American Dream" An Affordable Housing Initiative in the States of California and Arizonia.  The American Dream is dedicated to building 500 single family homes and patio homes in areas where housing cost are higher cost than the national average. 

Please contact us for more information on how you can apply for the American Dream Program or obtain additional information.

Empowering Girls

Changing Perceptions through Dialogue

Life can be difficult for females in various parts of the world, as education is frowned upon and often is not available.  Our mission and vision at the United Global Research Center, is to champion local efforts by providing tools to those communities that are leading efforts to educate females in their communities. The United Global Research Center, provides educational material, assist with funding to build or lease structures, and provide no cost skills training lead by our in-house volunteers,


Perfect Execution

40 of the UGRC volunteers donated their time to travel to Europe and Africa to administer COVID vaccines in 2020.

The United Global Research Center teamed with our corporate partners to fight COVID. Collectively we have encouraged COVID vaccine manufacturers, to subsidize their cost to those countries who couldn't afford the costly vaccine and who were at significantly risk of dying from the virus.  The United Global Research Center continues fighting to make a difference!

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” – Dalai Lama.

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"We are in this together."


Thank you for becoming part of the solution!

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